How to Stop Echo on the MagicJack

By Robert Ceville

Stop voices from echoing while making calls on your magicJack, in order for both parties to hear and understand the conversation clearly. The internal speaker and microphone within your phone can produce feedback when set to incorrect level configurations. MagicJack uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for providing customers with a way to make telephone calls over the Internet. VoIP is known to have a delay, which can also assist the negative effects of the echoing sound during your conversation. Make the proper adjustments to your phone's speaker and microphone and upgrade your phone equipment, in order to remove echoing in your magicJack calls.

Step 1

Set your phone's speaker level to the lowest setting, right where you can just still hear the other person on the line. This prevents the possibility of the speaker's signal being picked up, causing feedback to occur.

Step 2

Lower your phone's microphone setting to the lowest level you can, right where the other person on the line can hear you. This prevents the microphone signal from being picked up from the phone's internal speaker, which causes feedback to occur.

Step 3

Upgrade your phone equipment if the problem is still not resolved. Purchase a better quality phone, replacement phone cord, and phone cable to eliminate the possibility of any additional equipment needed to operate your magicJack being defective or outdated. Older phone models, cords and cables sometimes use a thinner wire shielding, which causes an echo to occur in some cases.