How to Stop Norton Pop-Up

By Alexis Lawrence

Both Norton antivirus and Internet security software have built-in pop-up features that warn you in case you are visiting a site or downloading a program that may pose a security risk to your system. Even if you know that the site you are visiting or the program you are downloading is safe, these pop-ups will continue to appear as long as Norton believes there is a threat to the system. If you find these pop-ups more of a hassle than a help, you can turn the feature off in Norton.

Step 1

Open Norton from the system tray of your computer. Norton will place an icon, normally a dark yellow or green and blue orb, in the system tray on the right side of the taskbar at the bottom of the computer screen. Right-click on the Norton orb and a menu of options will come up. Click on the "Norton Internet Security" option. This will open the "Norton Internet Security" window.

Step 2

Open Norton Internet Security from the "Start" menu if it will not open from the tray. Go to the "Start" menu and hover over "All Programs." Every program on your computer will come up in an alphabetical list. Click on "Norton Internet Security" and then "Norton Internet Security" again to get into the "Norton Internet Security" window.

Step 3

Click "Norton AntiSpam" in the left pane of the "Norton Internet Security" window. This will display a list of the available options. Select the "Status and Settings" option to view the AntiSpam settings.

Step 4

Disable "Pop-up Blocking." If this feature is enabled, there will be a green checkmark to the left of it indicating it is "On." To disable, click the words "Pop-up Blocking." A small window will appear to the right of the features with "Pop-up Blocking" as the heading. Click "Turn Off." The green checkmark will change to a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside indicating "Off." This will eliminate the pop-up problem in many version of Norton.

Step 5

Disable "Ad Blocking." In some versions of Norton, you will need to disable the "Ad Blocking" feature to stop pop-ups. To get to this feature from the main "Norton Internet Security" screen, click "Status and Settings." If "Ad Blocking" is enabled, it will have a green checkmark for "On." Click "Ad Blocking" and the "Ad Blocking" options will appear in a window. Click "Turn Off."