How to Stop Pandora From Interrupting

By Mario Calhoun

Pandora is an Internet radio company that streams music through your computer's web browser to provide an enhanced listening experience based on your tastes. There are two types of interruptions that commonly occur while listening: advertisements that periodically play after every four to five songs, and an inactivity message that appears when Pandora detects inactivity for more than one hour. The key to stopping interruptions is a combination of rating music that plays on the radio station, as well as upgrading to Pandora One, a premium account upgrade that provides 192kbps music streaming and eliminates advertisements.

Step 1

Rate individual songs as they are streaming. Pandora monitors your activity when streaming music, and interrupts music playback if it detects one hour of inactivity. The reason for the interruption is to reduce exceeding bandwidth and to cost of royalties for played music, according to Pandora. The thumbs up or thumbs down buttons provide feedback for Pandora, and shapes which songs and artists are included in your radio station.

Step 2

Upgrade to Pandora One. The Pandora One upgrade is a premium account that increases inactivity time from one hour to five hours. It also includes higher-quality music streaming without advertisements. Upgrading from a basic membership to a premium membership requires a credit card and an annual fee of $36 as of May 2011.

Step 3

Change your Pandora stations. Playing one radio station tends to lead to interruptions, as advertisement and song rating is required to keep the stream from pausing. New stations can be created based on artists, songs or genres by clicking the "Create a new station" tab on the left side of the browser.

Step 4

Reduce your audio quality. If you are using a slower Internet connection, your streaming radio station stops to buffer. Adjust the quality of the streaming Internet by clicking "Pandora One" at the top of the browser, then click "Audio Quality" from the drop-down menu. Click "Normal Quality" to reduce the streaming quality but improve the consistency of the streaming station.