How to Sync Two Gmail Calendars

By David Weedmark

Syncing Google Calendars lets you see all of your events on one page, including calendars you've shared with others and those that have been shared with you.

Things You'll Need

  • Gmail accounts

Google Calendars, available with any Gmail account, offer a dynamic view of as many calendars as you need. Adding or removing calendars automatically re-syncs the view. In addition to adding more calendars to your Gmail account, you can share calendars with others and import calendars from friends as well as import those that are available publicly.

Syncing a New Calendar

Step 1

Log in to Google Calendar. Click the arrow to the right of My Calendars and select Create New Calendar. Give the calendar a name when prompted and enter any events.

Step 2

Colored selection boxes indicate which calendars are visible.

Click the colored Selection Box beside each calendar that you want synced in the same calendar view. A white Selection Box indicates that a calendar's events are not visible.

Accessing Other Calendars

Step 1

Select the calendar type to import.

Click the Selection Arrow beside Other Calendars. From the drop-down menu, select:

  • Add a Friend's Calendar to send a calendar request to any friends with a Gmail account. If someone has already shared a calendar with you, select it by entering that person's email address. If he hasn't shared the calendar yet, Google guides you in sending a calendar share request message to his Gmail address.
  • B**rowse Interesting Calendars** to add a calendar available from Google, like holiday calendars from a range of countries and religions.
  • Add by URL if you know the Web link to an online calendar.
  • Import Calendar if you have an archived calendar file to import into Google Calendar. Google suggests importing CSV files if you have a PC and vCard files if you have a Mac computer.

Step 2

Three calendars are synced to the current view in this example.

Click the Selection Box beside the new calendar, which is now in the Other Calendars section. A colored Selection Box indicates that the calendar is synced with the current calendar view. A white Selection Box indicates that the calendar's events are not visible.

Sharing a Calendar With Others

Step 1

Click Share the Calendar.

Hover the cursor over a calendar in the left menu, click the Selection Arrow and then click Share This Calendar.

Step 2

Enter the Gmail address of the person you're sharing with.

Enter the Gmail address of the person with whom you want to share the calendar. Note that you don't have to include the part.


For public events like a school play or community activity, you can make your calendar publicly available in Google Search by clicking the Make This Calendar Public check box.

Step 3

Select a permission Setting.

Click the Permission Settings menu to select how you want the person to access the calendar. Options include:

  • Make Changes And Manage Sharing, which includes sharing the calendar with anyone, making the calendar public and adding new events.
  • Make Changes to Events, which includes all editing permissions, but not the ability to share the calendar with others.
  • See Only Free/Busy (Hide Details).