How to Take a Snapshot of a Screen

By Travis Larson

The Print Screen key on your keyboard allows you to take a snapshot of your screen, also known as a screenshot or screen capture. This creates a copy of the image on your screen or active window on your Windows Clipboard that can be saved or pasted into documents. Screenshots are useful for conveying the information on your screen to others. Add screenshots to your presentations, tutorials and other documents as a visual example.

Step 1

Press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. The key may be labeled "PrtScn" or have a similar abbreviation.

Step 2

Open Microsoft Paint by clicking "Start" > "All Programs" > "Accessories" > "Paint."

Step 3

Click "Paste" on the Home tab of Paint.

Step 4

Click the "Paint" menu at the top of the application, then click "Save."

Tips & Warnings

  • Press "Alt" and "Print Scn" to capture only the active window.
  • The image can be cropped or resized from the Home tab of Paint.

References & Resources