How to Tell If My Email Has Been Hacked

By Soren Bagley

Email accounts often contain very sensitive information, and this makes them a prime target for hackers. If you are afraid that someone might be reading your personal email, you can perform a simple test to find out.

Step 1

Set up a new email account.

Step 2

Create an account at, a free counter and statistics tracker (see Resources).

Step 3

Compose an email with the new email account that contains an enticing subject line but don't send it.

Step 4

Log into your account and copy the html code provided there.

Step 5

Paste the code into the bottom of your email. This code allows Sitemeter to monitor how many times the email has been accessed.

Step 6

Send this email to the email account that you think has been hacked.

Step 7

Check your account at Sitemeter periodically to see if anyone has read the email.

Tips & Warnings

  • This method will not work if the person reading your emails has images turned off on their web browser.

References & Resources