How to Tell If You Have QuickTime

By Contributing Writer

Apple's media player, QuickTime, is available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. This media player recognizes the majority of video/audio formats as well as streaming video. You might have QuickTime installed on your Windows computer without knowing it since often Windows Media Player is set to handle media files by default. Windows' "Control Panel" allows you to access a list of installed software.

Step 1

Click the Windows 7/Vista/XP "Start" button and open "Control Panel."

Step 2

In Windows 7, click "Programs and Features." In Vista, click "Programs" and then "Programs and Features." In Windows XP, click "Add or Remove Programs."

Step 3

Wait for the list of programs gets populated. The amount of time you have to wait depends on how many programs are installed on your computer.

Step 4

In Windows 7/Vista, click on the "Name" tab to sort programs in the alphabetical order. In Windows XP, select "Name" using the drop-down listbox "Sort by" in the right-upper corner.

Step 5

Scroll down the list of programs and find those which names start with the letter "Q." If you see the entry " QuickTime," it indicates that this media player is installed on your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • QuickTime is an integrated pre-installed component of Mac OS X.
  • QuickTime is a free download.