How to Tell Which Flash Player I Have

By Curt Lanning

Flash Player is a cross-platform Internet plug-in released by Adobe. To increase security, stability and overall productivity with its plug-in, Adobe releases updates of Flash Player. If you aren't sure whether you need to update your version of Flash Player, check what version you have installed and compare it to the latest version available.

Step 1

Click "Start" and "Control panel."

Step 2

Click "Programs" and "Programs and features." Wait for the list that appears to populate and detect all your installed programs.

Step 3

Scroll through the programs until you find "Adobe flash player plugin."

Step 4

Click that program once. Click the words "Click here for support information." A window appears that gives you information about you installed Flash Player. Your version is listed next to the word "Version."

Tips & Warnings

  • The Adobe Flash Player website lists the latest version. (See References)

References & Resources