How to Test My Satellite Internet Speed for Free

By Mitchell White

Satellite Internet is a high-speed option for those who don't have access to DSL or broadband cable. The downsides are that you usually have to rent the equipment, and it's more expensive than other options. The equipment you need is also not the kind you can set up yourself. The service tends to be faster than other options, however, and more reliable. You can test the speed of your Satellite Internet for free using tools online.

Step 1

Visit the website Speedtest (see Resources). Click "Begin Test" to get your speed in megabytes per second (MB/s) transferred, since satellite Internet tends to be fast. The site will list your Download Speed and Upload speed, as well as your Ping, which is how long it takes your computer to hear back from the sever.

Step 2

Navigate to Internet Frog (see Resources). Click the "Click to Start" button to begin the test. This will show a graphic as well as your speed in MB/s. The graphic has red, yellow and green sections to show slow, medium and fast, as well as a comparison with other services.

Step 3

Open your browser to Speak Easy (see Resources). Select the city on the main page that's closest to your location, such as New York, or Atlanta. The site will show a graphic that looks like a speedometer, measuring up to 50 MBS. A second dial shows you the percentage of the test you've completed. The download and upload speeds in MB/s are shown after the test finishes