How to Trace an 800 Number

By Shelley Smith

Any 800 number allows the caller to dial the 800 number and not be charged for the call. Many companies use these numbers as a customer service and marketing tool. In some cases, nuisance or harassing calls come from 800 numbers, so it may be necessary to trace the 800 number to find out who is calling. That way, you can tell the company or person to cease and desist calling you.

Step 1

Dial *57 to activate your call trace feature. To use this feature properly, you must dial *57 right after the incoming 800 number that you want to trace. This traced number data goes to your telephone company and to local authorities. If you want to find out pertinent information on this 800 number, contact your telephone company in writing.

Step 2

Use a reputable 800 number online directory (see Resources). There are many 800 number directories that tell you the company information based on the 800 number. In addition, some search engines reveal corporate information when you input the 800 number into the search function.

Step 3

Search for the 800 number by using a reverse look-up site (see Resources). Use a site that allows you to input the 800 number and the address and company name will be revealed. Some sites do charge for this data, but most are free of charge.

Step 4

Trace an 800 number by using a phone number trace website (see Resources). There are trace sites that are used exclusively for 800 numbers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some 800 numbers are a series of international numbers or VoIP numbers, which may not have true physical addresses, so some additional research may be necessary beyond the usual trace data.
  • Be careful calling traced 800 numbers, because calling them may place you on a telemarketing list. Research the company first.