How to Track Incoming International Parcels

Any package mailed to you from anywhere in the world is traceable if you have the package's tracking number. Post offices issue tracking numbers to parcels shipped using traceable delivery methods. When you are expecting a package internationally you can obtain the tracking number from the shipper and use it to locate your package each step of the route to its final destination.

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You can track packages shipped from anywhere in the world.


Obtain the tracking number of your package from the shipper if you don't have it already.


Visit the website for the shipping company, such as United Parcel Service or Federal Express, that is transporting the package. Locate the tracking link on the shipping service's website and click on it.


Enter the tracking number into the designated space on the shipping company's website. Click "Track" to submit your tracking request and view the results. Results of your shipment will show you when it was shipped, where it has been, where it currently is located and when it will arrive on your doorstep. If no results are available, check the tracking number you entered for mistakes or try again later. Tracking results generally take around 24 hours to update on the computer.

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