How to Track International Airmail

Airmail service from the United States Postal Service sends items internationally to almost any destination around the world. In the past, because of limited technology, tracking airmail was difficult, and at times, packages would get lost never to be found again. However, improvements to the USPS mailing system provides people with the ability to track international airmail step-by-step.

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Go to the "USPS Track and Confirm" website (link provided in the resources). This web page allows users to track, trace and confirm the delivery of International mail as it makes its way to its destination.


Enter the tracking number of your international airmail in the dialogue box, below the words "Enter Label/Receipt Number." To do this, make sure you keep your receipt when you send the item from the post office. You do not have to use spaces as listed in your receipt, but its important to at least input the first part of your tracking number. Take note that your tracking number also includes letters, which must be entered.


Click on "Go" to process your tracking number. You will be brought to the next page, giving you time stamps and names of checkpoints your airmail has traveled to until it has been confirmed at its final destination.

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