How to Trade in Old Laptops

By Ava Fails

Trading in your old laptop is the best way to recycle your used computer. It is estimated that in 2007, 500 million computers became outdated. By participating in a program that will accept you old laptop for cash or discounts on a new computer, you can help eliminate 95 percent of the harmful waste from computers ending up in landfills.

Step 1

Decide if you want to sell your laptop for cash or participate in a manufacturer trade-in program for a discount on a new laptop.

Step 2

Trade in your laptop for cash by using an online service such as:, or These websites provide you with a form to fill out regarding information about your laptop working or not. All three of these sites will put together a free quote of the amount of money you can receive for your old laptop. All three of these sites also provide free shipping to send them your old laptop.

Step 3

Recycle your old laptop through a popular manufacturer. charges a small fee to recycle old equipment, but will waive this fee if you are purchasing a new Apple computer. will issue you a Dell Gift Card in exchange for your old laptop. also offers a trade-in program for all of their products including laptops. HP will give you a discount on upgraded equipment.