How to Transfer an iTunes Playlist to Another PC Drive

By Natalie Ray

iTunes movies and music files can take up a lot of room on your computer's main hard drive. If your iTunes play list starts to fill up your hard drive, iTunes offers the option of moving the play list and all of your iTunes media, including music and video, off your main hard drive and onto either another internal hard drive or an external hard drive. Once you move the play list, iTunes will store all future purchases and additions to the new hard drive.

Step 1

Open iTunes and click "Edit," then "Preferences." A window pops up showing your iTunes settings.

Step 2

Click the "Advanced" tab. Click "Change" next the the "iTunes Media folder location" box. Windows' Explore will open and prompt you to choose the location to want to redirect your iTunes play list.

Step 3

Select the new location by clicking "Computer" then the name of the drive you wish to choose. Choose the folder to which you want to move the play list. If you need to, you can create a new folder by clicking "New Folder" at the top. Name the folder and click on it to select, then click "Select Folder."

Step 4

Verify that your new folder is listed in the "iTunes Media folder location" box and click "OK." iTunes will transfer your library to the new drive and save all new additions to your library in the new location.