How to Transfer Comcast Email Accounts

By Tamara Runzel

Moving and transferring cable and Internet accounts is a frustrating process if you have to set up everything from scratch. Comcast offers an option that allows you to transfer your email accounts with a tool called "TrueSwitch." When you install this tool, you link your old email account to your new Comcast account, and have access to both -- it automatically transfers any information from the old account.

Step 1

Go to Comcast's TrueSwitch website (see Resources).

Step 2

Check the box agreeing to the terms of service and acknowledging that you are at least 13 years old and click "Begin."

Step 3

Click the message displayed in the bar at the top of your page if you receive a warning stating that you need to install "ActiveX Control." Select "Install ActiveX Control" after you click on the bar.

Step 4

Double-click the "EasyChange Powered by TrueSwitch" icon on your desktop if the wizard does not start running automatically.

Step 5

Select "Express Switching," which is the recommended option. You can choose "Custom Switching," but you must know which custom settings you want to use for copying your information.

Step 6

Click the blue link "License Agreement," check the box next to it after reading and click "Next."

Step 7

Select "Enter an email address not listed here" from the drop-down box in the "Old Account" field.

Step 8

Select your previous Internet Service Provider and click "Next."

Step 9

Enter your previous user name and click "Next."

Step 10

Select "Enter an email address not listed here" from the drop-down menu in the "Comcast User Name" field.

Step 11

Type in your Comcast-assigned user name and click "Finish."

Step 12

Enter the passwords for your previous account as well as your new account, and click "Next."

Step 13

Click "Next" to begin copying all of your information from your old account to your new Comcast account.

Step 14

Click "Close" once you review the information that was transferred. When you sign into your Comcast email, you will see multiple mailboxes -- one is your Comcast email and the other is your previous email; you can access both.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are transferring your Comcast account to a new physical address and not changing providers, just notify your Comcast representative that you are an existing customer. Your email service and settings remain the same, and your primary and secondary user names are transferred to your new account.