How to Transfer From an SD Card to a Computer

If you have a lot of photographs on your digital camera it is a good idea to save those files on your computer. By copying those photos to your computer, you will be able to make sure they are safe. It is always a good idea to have a backup copy of your important files, and transferring your files from your SD card to your PC is an excellent way to do that.

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SD Card
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Attach the card reader with a USB cable to a free USB port on your computer. Skip this step if your computer has an internal card reader.


Right-click on "My Computer" and choose "Explore" from the menu. Locate the drive letter that corresponds to your card reader and right-click on it. Choose "Explore" from the menu to see a list of the photographs on the card.


Highlight each of the photographs you wish to transfer. When you are done highlighting the files, right-click and choose "Copy" from the menu. Locate the folder on your hard drive where you wish to save the photographs. Right-click and choose "Paste" from the menu to transfer the files to the computer's hard drive.

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