How to Troubleshoot an Otis Elevator 211

By David Ferris

The elevator is one of the modern world's most important conventions, allowing people to live at great heights, to move vertically at dazzling speeds and to move heavy objects and equipment from floor to floor with ease. Their proper maintenance is of the utmost importance for both practical and safety reasons. A broken elevator can represent a serious inconvenience for residents and business people, or even render the upper floors of buildings inaccessible. The Otis 211 operates on a roped hydraulic system.

Step 1

Cut off the elevator's master electrical system before proceeding with any work. Flip off the local switches in the control panel as an extra precaution.

Step 2

Re-engage the electrical system to clear out the system's RAM and see if it resolves the problem. In some cases it will, but if it doesn't, cut off the electricity in the same fashion as before and continue troubleshooting.

Step 3

Locate the skirt switches next to the sheave. Adjust and tighten them as needed.

Step 4

Inspect the plunger and plunger guides that make up the Otis 211's hydraulic system. Add more hydraulic fluid as needed.

Step 5

Check the motor fuses and remove and replace any blown or otherwise malfunctioning fuses. Low voltage is normally attributable to a fuse problem.

Step 6

Check the blain valve pressure meter. If pressure is abnormal, replace the valve.