How to Troubleshoot the Audio on an iPad

By Adele Eliot

The iPad is a tablet manufactured by Apple. It lets you carry out a range of tasks, including browsing the Web, checking your mail, using a variety of apps and listening to music. If your iPad isn't emitting any sound, there are several things you can check to try and rectify the problem. However, if you can't get the sound working yourself you might have to take the iPad to your nearest Apple store for further advice.

Step 1

Check the iPad isn't in "Silent" mode. This is controlled by a switch at the side of the device, which is positioned above the volume buttons on the right-hand side of the screen. When you flick the switch to silent mode, a small bell with a strike through it will appear on your screen for a few seconds. When you change the mode back to sound, the bell will appear on your screen without the strikethrough.

Step 2

Adjust the volume buttons. The top volume button increases the volume and the bottom button lowers it. If you have accidentally pressed and held the bottom volume button, you might have put the iPad on mute. Try tapping the top volume button and you should see the volume bar appear on the iPad screen. Tap the volume button until the entire bar is white and then try playing the clip or track again.

Step 3

Check the sound settings for the app or clip you are trying to hear. Some apps, including the YouTube and iTunes app, have their own independent settings for volume. This might mean that you can't hear anything played through the app even if your iPad's volume is turned up. Try accessing the app and finding the correct volume settings.

Step 4

Take your iPad to an Apple store or contact online support for help. If your iPad still isn't producing any sound, or if the sound you hear is distorted or crackly, ask Apple for technical help. You might have to take your iPad into your nearest Apple store or send it to them by courier for them to be able to help you.