How to Troubleshoot Yahoo StatTracker

By Andrew Tennyson

Yahoo StatTracker helps you keep tabs on your favorite sports teams and athletes -- but only if it’s working properly. Take a moment to troubleshoot StatTracker to diagnose and fix most problems that affect its performance.

Step 1

Restart both Yahoo Messenger and your Web browser in order to reestablish the connection to StatTracker. This often fixes any basic connection problems.

Step 2

Download and install the latest version of the Adobe Flash player for your Web browser (link in Resources). StatTracker requires Flash in order to work properly. Not all mobile Web browsers are compatible with Flash. If you're attempting to use StatTracker on a mobile device, try using a different Web browser.

Step 3

Clear your Web browser’s cookies and cache. In Internet Explorer 11, click the “Tools” icon, select “Safety” and then click “Delete Browsing History.” Place check marks next to “Temporary Internet Files” and “Cookies” and then click the “Delete” button.

Step 4

Turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker. In Internet Explorer, press the “Windows” key to return to the Windows 8 desktop, click the “Internet Explorer” icon on the task bar, select the “Tools” icon and click “Internet Options.” Click the “Privacy” tab and remove the check mark next to “Turn On Pop-up Blocker” under the Pop-up Blocker heading.

Step 5

Disable any additional ad blockers or spyware protection associated with your Web browser and try to load StatTracker again. In the case of the spyware protection, disable it only long enough to test StatTracker. If disabling spyware protection doesn’t fix the problem, re-enable it right away.

Tips & Warnings

  • If these solutions don’t fix StatTracker, check your Internet connection. Restart both your computer and your modem to reestablish a connection to the Internet. Also keep in mind that StatTracker requires a high-speed Internet connection in order to work properly. You should be using a DSL, cable or T1 broadband Internet connection.
  • StatTracker supports only certain Web browsers and operating systems.You need Internet Explorer 8 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari in order to use StatTracker. It is compatible with computers running Windows XP and up, or Mac OS X.
  • Certain firewalls or proxy servers can also cause connection issues for StatTracker. If you’re using a firewall, add StatTracker to its exceptions list in order to enable it to bypass the firewall.