How to Turn Off Infolinks

Infolinks is a company that offers bloggers, webmasters and other online publishers advertising revenue. When you enable Infolinks on your website, key phrases in the site's text are hyperlinked to relevant ads. The Infolinks hyperlinks appear like a normal hyperlink with clickable blue underlined text, but they are added into your HTML automatically. Each time a site visitor clicks on the link, Infolinks keeps track of this data and pays you ad revenues accordingly. Infolinks is a successful revenue source for some users, but others find that the excess hyperlinks ruin the site's aesthetic or do not generate sufficient funds. Fortunately, you can turn off Infolinks with one line of HTML code.

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A single line of HTML turns off Infolinks.


Access your website's HTML code. There is no single way to access HTML code; it all depends on what software you use to manage your website. User-friendly website-building software allows you to drag and drop website components, but you should notice a "Source Code" or "HTML" button somewhere on the screen to access the raw code.


Type "" into the code, removing the quotation marks. HTML code is sequential. In other words, the website reads the code from left to right and top to bottom as it loads. If you want to disable Infolinks for the entire page, place the code at the top of the code. To turn off Infolinks for a certain section of code, place it just before that section, followed by "" after the section is over.


Save your changes and exit the website editor. In most website editors, you save changes by clicking "File" and "Save" or by clicking "Upload to Internet." Once you've saved your changes, Infolinks will no longer appear on your website.

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