How to Turn Off Safe Mode

By M. Alanna White

You rebooted your PC at least 10 times now, and still it refuses to start in anything other than Safe Mode. Your many attempts to perform a system restore have yet to be victorious. It just will not boot up normally. According to Microsoft, if you have Norton Antivirus 2001 installed on your computer, it is the root of the problem. Microsoft suggests you disable it.

Step 1

Restart your computer. Let it load completely in Safe Mode.

Step 2

Press "Run" on your Start menu. Once you see the Open box, enter into the provided text box: misconfig. Then press "Enter" or Select "OK."

Step 3

Select on the new dialog box that has appeared "Selective Startup."

Step 4

Select "NAVAP.VxD" on the Static VxD tab. Remove the check in the check box you now see. Select "OK."

Step 5

Remove the check in the check box next to Norton Auto Protect. Select "OK." Reboot your system and it will be in Normal Mode.

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