How to Turn Off the Norton Antivirus Program

By Gregory Hamel

Popular computer manufacturers such as Dell, Gateway, HP and others are notorious for bundling various software programs with their machines. One of the most commonly bundled software programs is Norton Antivirus, which is known to be a highly memory intensive anti-virus program. If your computer is running slowly due to Norton, or you are running a different virus program, you may want to shut Norton off to increase computing speed.

Turning off Norton using its own interface

Step 1

Open the Norton Antivirus Security Center. There should be a tray icon in the bottom right of your toolbar.

Step 2

Click the "Status and settings" option.

Step 3

Next click on "Security," then turn off the program in the security menu.

Turning off Norton manually

Step 1

Open the task manager by holding down your keyboard's Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys.

Step 2

Click on the "Processes" tab at the top of the task manager.

Step 3

Click the description heading to sort the list of processes alphabetically by the description name.

Step 4

Search the list for Norton Antivirus and other Norton or Symantec programs.

Step 5

Select any Norton-related processes, and then click the "End Process" button in the bottom right of the task manager to shut down the program.

Tips & Warnings

  • Knowing how to use the task manager to shut down unwanted processes is useful, since programs can sometimes become bugged, making them difficult to open and shut down normally.If Norton is significantly slowing down your computing speed, consider uninstalling it and using a freeware anti-virus program such as AVG free or Avast.