How to Turn Off the Number Lock on a Laptop

By Kallie Johnson

Number lock is a key and function present on a laptop and desktop keyboard. When number lock is enabled, the number keys you press will show up on the screen. When number lock is disabled, the secondary function, or secondary symbol of the keys will be present. Depending on the keyboard, the function can be moving the cursor up, down or to the left and right or cause the page to scroll up or down. Enabling or disabling number lock is a simple process.

Step 1

Locate the number lock key on your keyboard. The number lock key is marked "Num Lock" or "Num LK." Depending on the brand and model of laptop and keyboard, the number lock key may be near the 10-key section or after the numbers in the number line toward the top of the keyboard.

Step 2

Press the number lock button one time. This will change the number lock setting to the opposite setting that is currently set on. For example, if the number lock is enabled, pressing it one time will disable it.

Step 3

Press the number lock button again to switch the setting back.

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