How to Turn Off Wi-Fi on an Acer Aspire One

By Shea Laverty

Depending on which model in the Aspire One line you have, your Acer computer's Wi-Fi reception can be shut off in several ways.

While having access to wireless Internet on your Acer Aspire One is often handy, it isn't always necessary. With your Wi-Fi turned off, your power consumption is reduced and your battery will last longer on a single charge. This give you a little more time to get that project done or to play an offline game while you're on the go. How you switch off your Aspire One depends on which model in the line you're using.


These methods apply to all Acer laptops, as well as the Aspire One series.

Dedicated Button or Sliding Switch

Some Aspire One models feature a dedicated Wi-Fi button on the keyboard, or a sliding toggle switch on the front or side of the laptop's case. The wireless button is usually indicated by a symbol depicting an antenna with radiating waves.

Depending on your model, your computer either has an LED that lights up when wireless is enabled or an on-screen display indicating that wireless is enabled.


Models that use a sliding toggle switch often have the switch return to its original position after you slide it. This doesn't mean that Wi-Fi has been re-enabled -- you still have to slide the switch again to re-enable Wi-Fi.

Fn Keyboard Shortcut

Some models eschew a separate button or switch, instead using the Fn key on the keyboard and one of the F-keys. With most models, the key combination is Fn-F3, although your model may vary. You can tell which F-key to use by looking at your F-keys for a picture of one of the Wi-Fi symbols mentioned above.

Windows 8.1 Network Pane

Wi-Fi Switch

The Wi-Fi switch shuts off only your wireless Internet connection. It's a good choice when you still want to use Bluetooth devices or other wireless equipment but not your Wi-Fi connection.

The Wi-Fi switch in the Off position.

  1. Click the Network icon in the System Tray.
  2. Toggle the Wi-Fi switch to Off.

Airplane Mode Switch

Airplane mode shuts off all wireless devices installed on your device. As the name implies, it's good for when you're in a situation where using any wireless devices may pose a problem, such as on an airplane or in a hospital.

Airplane mode in the On position switches off Wi-Fi.

  1. Click the Network icon in the System Tray.
  2. Toggle the Airplane Mode switch to On.


If you want to change which wireless services are shut off by airplane mode, hover your mouse over the upper-right edge of the screen and select Settings, followed by Change PC Settings. Select Network followed by Airplane mode and choose which devices you want Airplane mode to switch off from the Wireless devices heading.

Windows 8.1 also features two built-in options for switching off Wi-Fi from the Network pane: the Wi-Fi switch and Airplane mode.


There are three ways to tell if your Wi-Fi is enabled in the Network pane: if the Wi-Fi switch is set to On, if Airplane mode is set to Off and if your computer is showing available networks.