How to Turn on a Wireless Internet in an HP Laptop

By Nade Xro

All modern laptop computers come with built-in Wi-Fi to enable them to connect to the Internet wirelessly. HP laptops that feature Wi-Fi have external an switch that allows users to switch on their Wi-Fi with ease.

Step 1

Power on your computer and wait for Windows to fully load.

Step 2

Locate the Wi-Fi power switch. This will either be a slide switch on the front of the laptop or a button/touch-sensitive icon above the keyboard.

Step 3

Turn on the Wi-Fi. A notification will appear above the system tray to inform you that wireless connectivity is switched on.

Step 4

Right-click on the connectivity icon in the system tray and select "Connect to a Network." You will be provided with a list of all the available networks in the area. Select one to connect to the Internet.

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