How to Turn on the Kindle

By Vera Leigh

It's as thin as a pencil and can hold more than 1,500 books. It's your Kindle 2 Wireless Reading Device, the newest version of the book machine brought to you by Learn how to turn on your Kindle and begin reading.

Step 1

Get to know the machine. gives Kindle owners a handy online diagram to understand important buttons and functions. View the diagram online at

Step 2

Locate the power switch. The switch is located on the top side of your Kindle beside the headphone jack. Hold your Kindle in your hands, place your finger over the switch and slide it to the right. To turn off your Kindle, slide the switch to the right and hold it there for a few seconds until the screen turns blank. Then, release the switch.

Step 3

Wake up your Kindle. The power button does more than just turn on your Kindle. It also wakes up the machine if it has gone to sleep. If it is time to wake up your Kindle, slide the power switch over and release it. If you want to put it down for a nap, simply slide the power switch again and release quickly. Note: If you hold the power switch for four seconds, you will turn off the machine.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not use your Kindle for 10 minutes, it will automatically go to sleep. Follow the guidelines for waking up the machine. If your wireless function was turned on, you will continue to receive scheduled subscriptions even while the machine is sleeping, according to's Kindle Troubleshooting page.
  • If you try to power up your Kindle and it does not respond, you may need to reset the machine. To do this, disconnect the machine from its power source, slide the power switch over and hold it there for 15 seconds. Then, release the button.

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