How to Type a Cents Sign or Other Currency Symbols

By Jacqui Lane

The standard Windows keyboard only contains one currency symbol -- the U.S. dollar. To insert less common symbols, such as the symbol for cents or foreign currencies, you can use "Alt codes." Alt codes allow you to create different symbols by holding down the Alt key and entering different number combinations on your keyboard's numeric keypad.

Step 1

Open the document or click on the text field to which you want to add a currency symbol.

Step 2

Hold the "Alt" key on your keyboard and press "0162" to insert a cents symbol (¢). Use the numeric keypad located on the right side of your keyboard; if you are using a laptop keyboard without a separate numeric keypad, hold the "Function" or "Fn" key and use the numeric function keys.

Step 3

Create other currency symbols by entering the appropriate numeric code. Insert a Euro (€) by entering "0128", a British pound (£) by entering "0163" or a Japanese yen (¥) by entering "0165".

Tips & Warnings

  • You can find additional currency symbols in the Windows character map, located in the Accessories folder in the Start menu.
  • Enter all codes without the quotation marks.