How to Unban Someone From a Skype Convo

Skype, a free voice, video and text chat application, gives the person who begins a conversation control over who can and can't participate in the chat. The commands used to control and moderate a Skype text conversation let the user who created the chat password protect the chat as well as add, remove and ban participants. If you ban a participant and decide later to allow the person back into the chat, you can remove them from the ban list so they can rejoin.

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The creator or host of a Skype text chat can ban and unban disuptive members.


Type "/get banlist" in the text chat's conversation box. The user names of all participants who you've banned will be listed.


Type "/set banlist -username" in the conversation box to unban a user from the text chat. For example, to unban a user named Jim54321, type "/set banlist -Jim54321" and the user will be able to rejoin the chat.


Type "/kickban username"in the conversation box to ban the same or a different participant if he becomes disruptive or "/kick username" to remove the participant from the chat without banning him. For example, type "/kickban Jim54321" to ban Jim54321 from the group chat, or "/kick Jim54321" to remove him from the chat without adding him to the ban list.

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