How to Unflip a Screen

Windows 7 offers a variety of screen orientations, including the ability to flip the screen. When the screen is flipped, it appears upside-down, which is useful for tablet PC users or Yoga practitioners who frequently stand on their heads. Flipping the screen works in both portrait or landscape mode. To unflip the screen, you need to venture into the Screen Resolution section of the Control Panel.

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Right-click an empty area of the desktop and select "Screen Resolution." If you cannot see your desktop, hold the "Windows" key and press "M" to minimize all windows.


Click the drop-down menu next to "Orientation" and select either "Landscape" or "Portrait" to return to the normal mode. Landscape mode makes the display wider than tall, whereas Portrait mode makes the display taller than wide. Currently, you have one either "Landscape (Flipped)" or "Portrait (Flipped)" selected.


Click "OK" to unflip the screen.

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