How to Ungroup in Maya

By Alexis Lawrence

Maya is a graphic design application with tools for creating product and building designs, 3D animations and effects. The program is used in a variety of fields, including filmmaking, architecture and advertising. Like in many graphic design programs, the objects or images in Maya can be grouped together and moved or edited as a unit. If you change your mind about a grouping, however, you can ungroup in Maya as well.

Step 1

Click the "Window" menu followed by "Outliner" to open the "Outliner" window. When the window opens, click the "+" next to any of the group listings that appear to display all the objects in that group.

Step 2

Select the group that you want to ungroup in the "Outliner" window by clicking on the heading of that group. The heading appears highlighted in the window.

Step 3

Go to the "Edit" menu. Click "Ungroup" from the menu to display the options for ungrouping.

Step 4

Click the "Parent" ungroup option if you want to move all of the objects in the grouping up to the same level as the group heading in the hierarchy of your project. If you want to move all of the items in the group up to the top level of the hierarchy, select "World." As soon as you make your selection, the objects in the selected group automatically ungroup and move to their new levels.