How to Uninstall Flip4mac

By Kefa Olang

Flip4Mac is the equivalent of Windows Media Player for Mac operating systems. It is a media player that allows you to export and play files in formats such as WMV and WMA. If you are no longer using this media player, uninstalling it from your computer will free up memory and hard drive space. Uninstalling Flip4Mac is a quick and simple process that takes minutes to complete.

Step 1

Click "Finder" on the dock to launch a new finder window.

Step 2

Click "Applications" in the left pane to open the "Applications" folder.

Step 3

Scroll down the right pane and double-click the "Flip4Mac" folder. Locate the Flip4Mac uninstaller and double-click it. If prompted, enter your administrator password and click "OK." When prompted, confirm your selection to remove your program.

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