How to Uninstall Google Chrome

The process to remove Google Chrome from your computer is the same process you use to remove any application. First, close all Chrome windows and tabs. From the Start menu in Windows 7 or Windows 8, select "Control Panel," choose "Programs and Features," locate Google Chrome and double-click it. Select "Uninstall" at the prompt. Check the "Also Delete Your Browsing Data" box if you want to remove Chrome configuration data from your computer, such as your browser preferences, bookmarks and navigation history. Refer to the Resources section for instructions on uninstalling Chrome from a Mac or Linux-based computer.

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Google Chrome is available on desktops, laptops and Android-based mobile devices.
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More Than One Windows Account

If you have more than one Windows user account on your computer, you must sign in as a user with Administrative privileges to remove Chrome. If you installed a single version of Chrome that was shared by all user accounts, you will uninstall it for every user on the computer. You can reinstall Chrome for a single user account by answering "No" when asked if you want to make the application available to all users during the installation process.

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