How to Uninstall Internet Explorer

Unlike third-party Web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11 Web browser comes as a built-in feature within the Windows 8.1 operating system, making it impossible to uninstall. You can, however, turn off Internet Explorer by configuring the Windows Features applet in Windows 8.1. This also makes it possible for you to turn it on later without having to download or execute any installers.

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Configuring Windows Features

While on the Start screen, type "Windows Features" and then press "Enter" to open the Windows Features configurations panel. Uncheck the box next to "Internet Explorer 11" and click "Yes" on the confirmation pop-up box. Click "OK" and click "Restart Now" to finalize the changes. To turn on Internet Explorer at a later time, open the Windows Features configurations panel and check the box next to "Internet Explorer 11."

Setting Default Web Browser

After turning off Internet Explorer, you can opt to manually set your default browser rather than let the operating system select one at random. Type "Default Programs" on the Start screen and then press "Enter" to open Default Programs. Click "Set Your Default Programs" and select your preferred Web browser from the following screen. Click "Set This Program As Default" to make it your default browser.

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