How to Uninstall Quicktime Player From a Mac

By Jason Taetsch

Your Mac's Quicktime Player enables playback of digital video and audio files on your computer. Uninstall the player if it is having negative affects on your computer's stability or before you upgrade to a newer version of the software. The Mac operating system stores programs in a bundle, or single location, making it easy to manage the programs that are installed to your computer. Unlike with some other programs, you don't need an uninstaller utility to complete the Quicktime Player removal process.

Step 1

Click "Finder" icon on the dock.

Step 2

Click the "Applications" folder to open a list of programs on your Mac.

Step 3

Click the "QuickTime" entry in the list and drag it onto the Trash icon on the dock.

Step 4

Click the "Finder" option on the menu bar and click "Empty Trash." Type in the master password for the Mac and click "Continue" to remove the player from your Mac.