How to Uninstall Windows Movie Maker

By Kari Livingston

Windows Movie Maker is a fun software application that allows users to make and edit their own movies. Unfortunately, it does use computer resources and is not necessary for your computer's operation. It is also very hard to remove, but it can be done.

Step 1

Open Windows Notebook and paste in the following code:@echo offdel \"%SystemRoot%\\system32\\dllcache\\*wmm*.dll\"del \"%SystemRoot%\\system32\\dllcache\\moviemk.exe\"del \"%ProgramFiles%\\Movie Maker\\*.*\"rmdir /s \"%ProgramFiles%\\Movie Maker\"pause

Step 2

Save the file as abc.bat. Make note of where you saved the file.

Step 3

Close your computer and restart it in Safe mode. Opening your computer in Safe mode is usually accomplished by pressing the \"F8\" key during the opening splash screen.

Step 4

Open the \"Run\" dialog box from the \"Start\" menu and navigate to the abc.bat file. Run the file in \"Safe\" mode. Select \"Yes\" at the delete prompt.

Step 5

Restart your computer and remove any desktop links to Movie Maker.

Tips & Warnings

  • Back up any important files. Although it is unlikely, you can cause permanent damage to your Windows installation using the procedure.
  • Windows Movie Maker can not be reinstalled, so make sure you really want this program off your computer before completing this procedure.