How to Unlock a Tablet PC

By Techwalla Computers Editor

A Tablet PC offers more flexibility than a traditional laptop computer. At the same time, though, it can create new security issues with which users must contend. If you step away from your desk and do not want others to see what is on the screen of your Tablet PC, you can lock the computer. When you return, you can unlock it to continue working.

Things You'll Need

  • Tablet PC

Set the Security on Your Tablet PC

Step 1

Configure the screen saver on your Tablet PC. You can require a password to exit the screen saver and adjust the number of minutes before the screen saver is activated. Requiring a password and setting the screen saver to start after a few minutes will protect your privacy when you walk away from your computer and forget to lock it.

Step 2

Choose the level of security that you need on your Tablet PC. If you have sensitive information on your Tablet PC, you may want to use the highest level of security. If you only use your Tablet PC casually and do not need to protect the data, you can use a lower security setting.

Step 3

Launch the Input Panel to specify the security setting. You can view the current security setting by selecting the "Advanced" tab from the "Options" menu. The default security setting in Windows Vista is medium-high and can be changed by moving the slider up or down.

Unlock Your Tablet PC to Resume Working

Step 1

Move the pen from your Tablet PC closer to the screen of your Tablet PC. This will launch the Input Panel so that you can enter your password.

Step 2

Decide which method you want to use to enter your password. Depending on your security settings, you can either write your keys with the Tablet PC's pen or use the on-screen keyboard to enter your password. Using the on-screen keyboard makes it more difficult for others to read your password.

Step 3

Enter your password. This will unlock your Tablet PC and allow you to resume working.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your Tablet PC includes a fingerprint scanner, you can configure your fingerprint scanner to unlock your computer. This replaces the need for you to enter a user name and password to unlock your computer. You will need to enable the fingerprint scanner and set up the software before using it to secure your computer.
  • These instructions apply to Tablet PCs running Windows Vista. Similar steps can be used to unlock Tablet PCs running different operating systems.