How to Unlock a WiFi Network

By Greyson Ferguson

Opening up your laptop computer in a public location, you probably notice there are several available wireless Internet networks available. However, not all of these networks grant you access, as you need the appropriate information in order to unlock the Wi-Fi signal. This requires the network password, otherwise you are blocked out and prevented from accessing the Internet connection. Once the correct password is entered, the Wi-Fi signal is unlocked and you can begin surfing the Internet.

Step 1

Right-click the wireless icon in the lower, right corner of the desktop.

Step 2

Choose "Available Wireless Networks" to load a list of all the Wi-Fi networks in the area.

Step 3

Click on the wireless network you want to unlock. This brings up a prompt, asking for the required password. If using your own wireless network, the password is often printed on the bottom of the wireless router. If using a store or restaurant connection you must request the password from the staff.

Step 4

Type in the necessary password, then click "Connect" and the computer unlocks the Wi-Fi network, granting you access to the Internet.