How to Update a PDF File

By Qyou Stoval

A PDF (portable document format) file was created by Adobe Systems, and is a format that retains the same appearance when opened regardless of the recipient's operating system and software package. Sometimes information may become outdated and a PDF file will need to be edited or updated before the file is submitted to recipients. You will need a PDF editing program that can either be downloaded or purchased at your local computer store.

Step 1

Download a PDF editing program. PDF editing software allows you to open new or existing PDF files where certain lines or information can be erased, edited and merged. For example, Adobe Acrobat, PDFill and Foxit PDF editor allows you to edit PDFs. All three software packages operate similarly when updating a PDF.

Step 2

Download your software (see Resources) and install it.

Step 3

Click "File" and "Open," or click the open-folder icon located on the software. A box will open that will show the files located on your computer. Navigate to the saved PDF file that you would like to edit. The software will load the PDF so components can be edited.

Step 4

Double-click the existing text that you would like to update. A box will be highlighted, allowing you to erase text or add to the existing text.

Step 5

Click the text or graphic insertion option (the icons resembles a "T" and a picture). These features allow you to add additional text and photos to the document.

Step 6

Save the document by clicking the disk icon within the software or navigating to "File" and "Save." Save the current file with a name different from your existing file so you will know the difference between the two.