How to Update a TomTom GO 910

By Darrin Meyer

The TomTom Go 910 is a portable GPS (Global Positioning System) device for motor vehicles that provides maps, directions and routing information, as well as a variety of possible destinations and other features to assist drivers as they travel around. Updating the most current information and applications is an easy process with a computer and the TomTom software.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cord
  • Internet connection

Updating the TomTom Go 910

Step 1

Turn on your TomTom Go 910. Use the USB cord that comes with the device to connect to a computer with an open Internet connection.

Step 2

Touch "Yes" on the TomTom screen when it asks if you wish to connect to the computer.

Step 3

TomTom Home software will install when connected for the first time, and open when you connect after that.

Step 4

"Getting Updates Automatically" will appear in the Home window, with a bar showing the progress. A list of available updates will then be shown; ensure that the ones you wish to install are checked.

Step 5

Click "Update and Install" at the bottom right corner to upload the updates. When complete, click "Done" if prompted to and then click "Eject." Disconnect the device from the computer when the battery is charged as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consult your owner's manual for further tips on using your TomTom.
  • Visit TomTom's website for customer support and additional questions.

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