How to Update Google Chrome

Google Chrome typically updates in the background, meaning you don’t normally need to manually check for updates. However, you do still have the option to check for updates and apply them, if necessary. Rarely, Chrome may become out of of date, and when you see an alert for this, you should immediately apply all available updates.

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When you manually check for updates, Chrome displays its current version.
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Standard Manual Update

To manually check for Chrome updates, click the menu button, an icon with three horizontal lines, and then click About Google Chrome. Chrome immediately begins checking for updates, and if Chrome is up to date, you will see a message saying Google Chrome is up to date. If updates are required, Chrome installs them and then you must click the Relaunch button to apply them.

Important Manual Update

When you leave Google Chrome open for extended periods of time, such as days or weeks, Chrome may become out of date, which can pose a serious security risk to your computer. Normally the Chrome menu button is gray, but when it appears green, orange or red, each color indicates that Chrome is increasingly out of date. If the menu button is colored, click it; select Update Google Chrome and then Restart.