How to Update My Garmin

By Jessica Johnson

Garmin manufacturers global positioning satellite (GPS) systems. Also referred to as navigation systems, these units are commonly used to help find locations and directions. Garmin GPS units are a hands-free navigation tool that will require occasional updates to keep the operating system current.

Step 1

Visit the official Garmin update website (see "Resources").

Step 2

Click the "WebUpdater for Device Software" link.

Step 3

Click "Download and install WebUpdater."

Step 4

Click "Download" by the most recent version of WebUpdater, then follow the prompts to install on to your PC.

Step 5

Connect your Garmin to your computer via its included USB cable once the WebUpdater has been installed.

Step 6

Click the "Start" button, then "Programs," then "Garmin," then "WebUpdater."

Step 7

Select "Install Updates" once the WebUpdater has located your Garmin device. Your device will then be updated.