How to Update the GPS and DVD on a GMC Vehicle

By Melissa King

When purchasing a GMC vehicle, buyers often have the option to purchase upgrades and additional features, such as a GPS navigation system. This navigation system helps drivers reach their destination by providing turn-by-turn directions and a points-of-interest database. New roads are built often, and some roads may close. General Motors offers yearly map updates to reflect these changes. Map updates can be purchased on DVD from the GM Navigation Disc Center, then applied to your system.

Step 1

Go to the GM Navigation Disc Center (see Resources) and click "Search" in the "Find Your GM Nav Disc" box. Use the drop-down menus to select "GMC," then select the model and year of your vehicle. The newest map update is displayed.

Step 2

Click "Add Items to Cart," then "Checkout." Enter billing and shipping information to complete the order. The update is mailed to you on DVD.

Step 3

Turn on the ignition of the GMC vehicle. When the radio wakes up, press the "Power" button. Place the screen in full-screen position by adjusting it with the "Navi screen up/down" button.

Step 4

Insert the new map DVD. Press "Update" when the confirmation screen appears. Enter the authentication code and press "Enter." The system begins the update automatically. Eject the DVD when the update is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep the vehicle running during the update process. Do not eject the DVD or disconnect the battery. Doing so may permanently damage the GPS system.