How to Update the magicJack Driver for Windows 7 64 Bit

By Tiffany Garden

The magicJack is a phone solution that connects to your computer and uses voice over IP technology to place calls. The magicJack has its own set of drivers for operating systems such as Windows 7 64-bit, and you need to install these to get the device working properly. If you run into an issue with the magicJack, try updating the drivers as a troubleshooting step to rule out any software issues or conflicts.

Step 1

Connect the MagicJack to your computer.

Step 2

Download the driver update file from Click "Run." The installation software automatically runs and updates your currently installed MagicJack software.

Step 3

Hold down "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" and choose "Task Manager" from the list. Click "Processes" and select "MagicJack.exe" if your MagicJack is still not working properly. End the process, and all others related to the maghicJack.

Step 4

Go to "Start" and type "devmgmt.msc" into the search box on this bar. Click the matching process in the search results.

Step 5

Expand the CD/DVD section of the Device Manager. Double-click "Ymax MagicJack USB Device." Choose the "Update driver software" option in the main properties window.

Step 6

Choose "Browse my computer for driver software." Click "Browse" and navigate "Windows" then "System32." Check the box labeled "Include subfolders." Click "Next."

Step 7

Double-click the magicJack icon and your magicJack should start.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your magicJack reads "Error 20" when you try to use it, make sure that you have allowed exceptions on your firewall and antivirus program for magicJack.