How to Upgrade Microsoft Office

By Anthony Smith

Computer users with an older version of Microsoft's very popular Office software might want to consider upgrading to the latest update. Microsoft makes additions to features and improvements in this collection of software with every new release. The simple steps below will cover how to upgrade an older version of Office to the newest version.

Step 1

Open your web browser and go to the following URL address: page will provide with you five choices of Microsoft Office, with each price level offering additional software.

Step 2

Select the least expensive option of MS Office Home and Student Suite if your only needs are a word processing (MS Word) ,spreadsheet (MS Excel), and note taking program (One Note).

Step 3

Select Office Standard Suite if you need the software package included in the Home and Student Suite described above but also want Microsoft's popular email, contact, and time management software Outlook.

Step 4

Select Office Small Business Suite in order to add the desktop publishing software MS Publisher, and an accounting tools package called MS Accounting Express.

Step 5

Select Office Professional Suite to add the very popular Access, Microsoft's database management software.

Step 6

Select Office Ultimate Suite to get all the software available. This package will include all of the software described in the packages above as well as Groove and InfoPath,which are team management and form building software, respectively.

Step 7

Click on the button labeled "Upgrade" next to the Suite of your choice. Don't use the button labeled "Buy Now" or you will be charged a higher price than the upgrade price. Complete the checkout process, follow the simple on screen instructions for downloading, and you have successfully upgraded Microsoft Office.

Tips & Warnings

  • Students with proof of registration can purchase the Office Professional Suites and other software at a significant discount at the following web site:

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