How to Upgrade MySQL on XAMPP

By Tara Cantore

Sometimes a newer version of MySQL is required to use the latest features introduced into the free database server. The XAMPP packages provide MySQL, PHP and Apache in a single integrated package. You can use this installation package to upgrade your server, as it will not overwrite existing data. Care should still be taken to keep a proper backup copy of your XAMPP folder in the event of something going wrong with the upgrade process.

Step 1

Download the latest version of XAMPP from

Step 2

Open the Start Menu and click "Computer."

Step 3

Browse to the current XAMPP folder location, then right-click the XAMPP folder and click "Copy."

Step 4

Paste a copy of the existing XAMPP folder onto your computer's desktop by right-clicking an empty area and selecting "Paste" from the menu that appears.

Step 5

Save the setup file to your computer's desktop, then double-click to launch it.

Step 6

Click "Next," then click "Browse" and navigate to the folder where XAMPP is currently installed.

Step 7

Click the name of the folder, then click "OK."

Step 8

Click "Next," then click "Install."

Step 9

Click "OK" when asked to upgrade the existing files.

Step 10

Click "Finish" when the setup process completes. XAMPP is now updated.