How to Upload GIFs to Facebook

GIFs are moving images that allow you to add dimension to pictures or share your favorite scene from TV or a movie. On Facebook you can use GIFs (short for graphics interchange format) just like any other photo or image you want to share. The only difference is these images will appear as moving graphics in your album or on your wall. Some Web browsers may not allow these images to play when posted on Facebook. In these situations, friends and family need to adjust their browsers' settings.

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Save the GIF file to your computer on a place that is easy to access. For example, save the image to your "My Pictures" folder or desktop. The image's file name will contain the ".gif" extension.


Log into your Facebook account with your user email and password. Click "Profile" from the top menu bar. Click "Photos" on the left menu column.


Click "Upload Photos." Choose the GIF image from the drop down menu. Click "Upload" and wait for the upload to complete. When done, the image will appear in the album.

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