How to Upload QuickTime Videos to a YouTube Website

QuickTime videos, or MOVs, are one of the several acceptable formats for uploading to YouTube; however, since they can be rather large files, you will first need to make sure your video is smaller than 2Gb in size and less than ten minutes in length. If your file is larger than 2Gb, you will need to re-export your QuickTime video with the proper settings. Please allow several minutes for your video to upload to YouTube's server, and up to several hours for it to appear in YouTube's search engine.

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Re-Exporting Your QuickTime Video (Over 2Gb in Size)


Re-open your large QuickTime movie file in QuickTime Pro.

Click "File" > "Export."


Choose the "Movie to QuickTime Movie" option from the "Export" drop down menu.

Click the "Options..." button, located on the right side of the screen.


Make sure the "Video" and "Audio" tabs are checked off and click the "Prepare for Internet Streaming" box near the bottom of the page. Select the "Fast Start" option.

Click "Save" and wait for your QuickTime video to save to your hard drive.

Uploading to YouTube


Launch your Web browser and visit Click the "Upload" link at the top of the screen.


Click the "Browse" button to open a pop-up search window revealing your computer's contents. Navigate to the desired QuickTime video, highlight its icon, and click "OK."


Click the "Upload" button to begin uploading your video to YouTube's server. While it uploads, enter any pertinent information for your video (e.g. Title, Description, Category, etc).


Press the "Save" button to save all your video's information. Wait for your video to upload completely.

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