How to Upload Videos in the Metacafe Channel

By Dan Howard

Metacafe is an online video website dedicated to publishing original content that is less than eight minutes in length. Metacafe divides its video content into categories called channels. If you have a Metacafe user account then you can upload any short video file that you own the copyright to. After you've uploaded the file you can write a video description and specify the channel that the video should be posted in.

Step 1

Verify that your video meets Metacafe's submission guidelines. First and foremost, you must own the copyright to your video's content. Also, the video must be no more than eight minutes long and it must not contain nudity or human death.

Step 2

Open your Web browser and navigate to the website.

Step 3

Log in to the website with your Metacafe user name and password.

Step 4

Click the "Upload" button in the upper-right corner of the browser window.

Step 5

Click the "Browse" button. Navigate to the video file that you wish to upload and click the "Open" button.

Step 6

Click "Upload File" to upload your video file to the Metacafe server.

Step 7

Type a title and description for the video in the appropriate fields.

Step 8

Click the radio button next to the age range that your video is appropriate for.

Step 9

Check the box next to the channel that you want to upload the video to.

Step 10

Type keyword tags for your video into the "Tags" field.

Step 11

Click the "Save" button to complete the upload process.

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