How to Use a Dell C600 Docking Station

By Cooper Temple

With the rise in telecommuting, wireless networking and Internet connections, laptop computers have become as common as desktops for both business and personal use. Because of the limited space available on laptops, Dell is one of many companies to design a docking station. The Dell C600 docking station is used to act as a port replicator for peripherals, as well as a station to charge the machine.

Things You'll Need

  • Power and peripheral cables

Step 1

Turn the docking station so that the rear is facing you, or perform the following steps so that you are facing the back of it.

Step 2

Insert the power cord into the leftmost slot on the docking station. Do not plug the cord in to a power outlet at this time to avoid a power surge or a shock.

Step 3

Insert the network cable into the appropriate port to the right of the power cord. There are two available jacks: one for a phone cord and one for a network cable.

Step 4

Insert the monitor cable into the appropriate port near the bottom center of the back of the docking station. Depending on the type of monitor you have, there are two ports available.

Step 5

Insert the mouse and keyboard plugs into the docking station. If your keyboard and mouse have a USB connector, skip to step 7.

Step 6

Insert the printer cable into the port at the top center of the docking station, above the monitor ports. If your printer has a USB connector, skip to step 7.

Step 7

Insert any USB connected peripherals, such as a keyboard, mouse or scanner, into the USB ports to the right of the docking station.

Step 8

Plug the power cord into a wall outlet. Using a surge protector is recommended.

Step 9

Turn the docking station around, or move to the front of it.

Step 10

Place the laptop on to the docking station by lining up the ports on the front of the station and the bottom of the laptop. This might take some practice at first, but you will become familiar with the positioning after awhile.

Step 11

Press the "on/off" button once to turn on the power to the docking station and laptop. Press the button again and hold it in to turn the power off.

Step 12

Press the button to the right of the power button to undock the laptop. This process may take a few seconds to complete, during which the button will flash. When the button turns green, press down on the plastic button on the right to remove the laptop.