How to Use a Docking Station

By Jack S. Waverly

Docking stations are a simple peripheral of hardware for a computer. They can help eliminate the need to change batteries or worry about having batteries for the devices they connect to. The instillation is simple and can give the device's user years of enjoyable use. You can have multiple docking stations as they use similar connections to modern computers.

Step 1

Unpack the docking station and cords that come with it. Make sure you find the instructions for using the docking station. The instructions could come in a paper booklet or on a CD. Most often, the item that will use the docking station will have an instillation CD that will have the instructions on it.

Step 2

Connect the docking station to the computer. Most docking stations have a USB plug that will connect into the USB port of the computer. If it is an older USB plug, it will resemble a thin rectangle; the newer USB 2 plugs are square. They are not interchangeable. Docking stations generate their power from these cables and use the computer as a conduit for the electricity.

Step 3

Put the CD into the computer using the CD or DVD drive. If the CD has a self-driven executable file, it will start on its own. Otherwise, you will need to find your CD drive, usually marked "D" on your computer. Click on the specific drive that will open the file to run the CD.

Step 4

Follow the instructions on the CD or in the booklet. This will ensure the proper instillation of your software and operation of your unit. Your computer will start the "New Hardware Wizard," meaning it has identified the docking station as a new addition. Follow the prompts for the wizard to ensure the docking station will be continuously recognized by the computer.

Step 5

Insert your device onto the docking station. There will be a small locking interface on the device and the docking station. These will match and allow the device to fit snug onto the docking station. If you have sound enabled on the computer, your device will generate a sound when it is first connected to the docking station, indicating you have successfully connected it. The reverse is true when you disconnect the device.

Step 6

Use the docking station as a charger for your device much as you would a rechargeable battery. As long as the device is plugged into the docking station, it will maintain a full charge. When you use your device, it will drain its power. Reconnect the device to the docking station to recharge the device.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep your device plugged into the docking station when you're not using it to maintain optimal power during use.
  • Do not try to connect a device not intended for a specific docking station. Even if it does fit, it will not power up or operate properly.